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We solve tough challenges withStrategy, Consulting, Digital, Technology & Process.We help you stand out.
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We love making toughlook easy + beautiful.

7S, Corp. is a group of companies dedicated to solving tough challenges by providing excellent products and services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and process.

We aim to transform businesses by strategic and measurable application of our broad and deep expertise, to engage effectively in the opportunity-rich new digital market.

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Wide expertise + added value



Strategic direction and focus are critical.  We engage regularly with CEOs in various industries and across the region for our Insights, which gives us a unique insight into the concerns and perspectives of CEOs which we leverage in our service delivery.  We see the big picture and apply our expertise to ensure that the granular details are aligned.

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We speak your language! Our experts can engage you as detailed as you want to go on platforms, emerging tech, legacy integration, security and data, while simultaneously cognizant of budget constraints.  We specialize in moving implementation of technology projects into revenue generating activities over the medium term, and we get really excited about digital transformation!

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Our numbers add up.  We compete on value, not price.  We will deliver insane value to your organisation that will redound to your medium and long term benefits to the bottom line.  We have a robust budget prediction platform which allows us to accurately scope projects before they actually start.  We can even enter the board room with you to maximise buy-in from other stakeholders.

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Our combined over 10 years of project management experience means that we understand what drives you.  From traditional to agile, we also prioritize the soft side of managing projects, ensuring stakeholders are involved and comfortable with each project phase.  We integrate our resources with your internal preferences, producing an outcome that is both cutting edge and perfectly aligned with your business environment.

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