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The new normal: digital training, teaching and assessment

Gamification. Real time assessment feedback. Asynchronous teaching. Mental health monitoring... all of these are relevant to the new mode of teaching our kids.

In collaboration with an experienced and enthusiastic regional team, we are currently compiling a resource hub for teachers, parents, students, policy makers and YOU, to help us all get the maximum value from the move to digital training, teaching and assessment.  B@RCODE and  7S’ strategic insights, digital expertise and strong network is being leveraged to maximise the impact of this project.

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Social Responsibility

We don't call it giving back... we call it sowing seeds for the future.

From training 7 year olds in cutting edge technologies such as robotics and visual coding, to teaching the elderly how to use modern technology, to building audio-tactile tools for differently abled users to access technologies, we believe strongly in making our strategy, digital expertise and technology ubiquitously accessible. This is the main driving force for making our #insights public.

14 Countries

The Caribbean is a diverse region with very specific needs. Our team has amassed practical and insightful experience in each of the territories, individually, and can therefore provide solutions that are nuanced to the Caribbean. This localized knowledge is combined with international quality and best practices, and our own strategic vision for this unique part of the world.


We approach our projects with a granular and predictable budget management strategy, whether we are managing $2K or $300K budgets. Measurable ROI, sustainability and implementation flexibility ensures that your investment is well spent.

One of our strong points is that we can design our approach based on your budget, and we NEVER low-ball!

Multiple Verticals

We are best described as market- and niche-agnostic. We solve problems.

It does not matter where the problem is, what market you operate in, the size of your operation, the technology you are already invested in, or how many times you've already tried to solve it. Our capabilities draw on a diverse set of resources who are singularly focused on problem-solving and adding value.

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